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Friday, January 28, 2011


What a great Friday it was!  Got on the scale and I am down 10 pounds after my surgery, so we are going in the right direction on that one!!  Now I get to start walking again and getting exercise will help my efforts even more!!  I have been able to eat much better and my cravings and pain are pretty much gone, so now I will hopefully get my health back and work from there!

My bible study was awesome, I am really going to enjoy it a lot.  We are talking about Sacred Parenting, based on the premise that the Bible really does not say much about raising children but is all about making ourselves into people who are more Christ-like and in doing that, our children learn from our example and themselves will follow in the same path.  As we become more holy as God asks us to do, our children see that and will follow and do the same, but they have to choose to.  I know I have been doing a lot of talking with God about how I can change myself so that my kids have the strength to stand up for themselves and do the right thing without me or my husband having to back them. 

I got my kids to eat some yummy salmon tonight, had to make tater tots for them to do it, but they both cleaned their plates!!  That really made me feel better, they will eat pretty much any vegetables and fruits, but some of the fish they are not into yet.  One thing I would love to make is some salmon bisque, I have to find a great recipe for it.  Had an old boyfriend that made it for me instead of Lobster since I am allergic to Lobster and it was so good.  Have been thinking about that bisque and now I will have to find that recipe!

Well, it is pretty late on Friday night, I have to get my butt to bed as I have a busy day tomorrow, can't wait for a party at a friends house, I have not had a good mommy afternoon in a long time!!  Good night all!!

Go with God!!

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