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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Needing to make a change

Being bedbound from surgery and housebound this week due to the snow/ice that we have had in Atlanta has made me start thinking alot about me.  My life, my health, my kids and husband, where I am now, what my doctor has been telling me about things going on with my heart and circulation, my asthma, weight gain and not being able to lose weight.  Yes, the smoke was pouring from my brain!!  I had started researching thnigs about what has been happening in the last year with my health, my lack of sleep, my inablility to lose weight even with weight watchers and walking, my cravings especially late at night for carbs/sugar, I would wake and have to have something sweet!!!!  I felt like I was put in the wrong body, this was not my familar way of living and I knew something was going on.  Now my hysterectomy has helped with some things, but I know there is more going on.  I have been reading up on hormones for 45/46 year olds, and I know my doctor is very proactive and would do tests if I asked her to.  She has some tests that she now performs that are cutting edge, I just saw something about the new echo on the neck to check for thickening/hardening of the arteries, which I had done last year and there was the start of some!!  What a wake up call for me.  I know my cholesterol has been bad for about 4 years, I have been on BP meds for almost 2 years, have been told that I am getting to be borderline pre-diabetic, and again the weight, especially after having Katie in 2006, just will not come off. 

With all my research I came across Suzanne Somers and her Sexy Forever information.  I saw her interview on TV and her talking of toxins, hormones and how all of that plus other easily changable things things have made such a huge difference in her life, it peaked my interest.  Hearing what she said sounded like my own life.  I had seen her about 18 months ago on one of the shopping channels and she was looking might pudgy, but when I saw her recent interview, she looked totally different.  Her skin/hair looked so good, she was slim and not puffy at all.  I know she has cancer and all the things she did to get well, it made sense.  So I started looking into it more.  I started to read more online about the hormones, the toxins, and how it poisons us, and again, made sense.  I found her website, but in order to learn more, you had to sign up for 65 dollars for 3 months, and I thought, no way!!  Too much money for me.  Later yesterday afternoon, I was browsing through Kindle (got Kindle for the PC with getting a real Kindle in the future) and I saw her book there for less then 13 dollars and I said, that I could afford.

So, as I am reading more of the book today and planning on implementing the changes she says for our household, I hope to start a change for the better.  Eating healthy could not kill me, changing the way I clean the house, what we have in the house, moving more, things that are small but pay big dividends later, seem like something I could do.  I am only 50 pounds over weight, so no doctor will give me any magic pill or surgery, plus I know I can do it, I have done it before.  I lost 40 pounds when I had Alex, walked every day and ate really well, so I know my body can do it, I will just use this new information I have to see what changes I can make.  I have a bunch of walking DVDs from Leslie Sansone that I love to use and I will call my doctor next week to see if I can start walking with those next week.  I can make much better food choices for my family and myself, easy to fix foods are killing us!!!  So as I read on today and learn more, I will be making changes.  I hope to use this blog to work out my problems with my lifestyle.  If  anyone reading this has ideas or comments, please leave them, I do check on the blog.

Go with God!!

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