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Monday, January 24, 2011

What a sad Monday it is.

I woke up today to hear that Jack LaLane passed away at the age of 96 yesterday.  I remember watching him in the mornings when I was young and kept up with him throughout the years.  He did so many amazing things and it was due to eating real foods and exercise.  Very simply put.  I remember reading an interview with him and he said many years ago that the US is heading down the wrong road with all the processed foods we are eating, we need to get back to real food and make it nutritious.  Now that is all you read about.  Talk about a man ahead of his time, I don't think he would have made such an impact on us if he were alive and young today, coming out in the 50's with the exercise cry got everyone going and he lead the fitness parade.  He will be missed and I pray for his family, wife of 51 years and his 3 children. 

His passing made me think again about my own health.  Hearing my doctor tell me I have the start of heart disease at 45 is scary to me, my kids are still young, 5 and 7, and they have so much to do  and I want to be here to do it with them.  I want to see them graduate, go to college, get started on their lives and start their own families.  I want to be Omi playing with the kids and babysitting for them.  I want to travel when we are older, go see parts of the US with Eric and enjoy our life and not be burdened by health problems and costs.  So to do that, I have to get back to walking and eating right.  Eat real foods and not processed ones.  I say that but until I get the all clear from my doctor to do that, I still wait.  I still am getting winded by just a little movement, so I know I am still healing, can feel the pain inside still, so I wait. 

Well I actually need to make some phone calls and take a quick nap before picking up Katie at school.  Weird, in just a few months she will be starting Kindergarten and I will have the whole day free.  No more excuses in getting the house finally put together the way I want, I will have much time to do it.  If I have the will, that will be a conversation for another day!!

Go with God!!

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