My thoughts about life, family and knitting. I am a knitter of over 30 years, just starting to spread my wings on designing my own items. I knit for fun, for my prayer shawl ministry at Sugarloaf UMC, and for my sanity. This blog will chronical my life and what is happening day by day. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy my short rants.

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012, who knows what lays ahead!!

Here it is 10 days into the new year, and I have not written down my thoughts.  It was a hard Christmas season, but we are through it and hopefully the new year will be better.  My mind is ready for the worst to happen, so if it does not, then good for me.

I am going to be starting on a new project, called the Falling Leaves Shawl with some awesome mohair glitter yarn, if it comes out nice enough I will be donating it to my prayer shawl ministry I have at church.  I have been neglecting it of late, so that is something I need to change for 2012.  Prayerfully hoping that the things I need to do this year will be done, this is the year I will be putting a lot of things up to God as I am too weary to try and do it anymore!!  The road that I have been on this past year has had some pain and sickness, both personally and for my family, and the more I try and control that, the less control I have and more stress so as the good book says, give it to God!! 

I hope that I can knit much more this year and I have learned a slightly new way of crocheting in order to create a picture from a specialized pattern, when I start work on that shortly I will post pictures.  Right now I have to finish up a sweater for Katie, my daughter and start planning her 6th Birthday!!  Still cannot believe that is happening in February!!

I hope this finds you well and that I am able to post more this year, I really would love to get this blog going and seen by more people, don't know where it will lead, but letting the Lord lead me!!

God Bless!!