My thoughts about life, family and knitting. I am a knitter of over 30 years, just starting to spread my wings on designing my own items. I knit for fun, for my prayer shawl ministry at Sugarloaf UMC, and for my sanity. This blog will chronical my life and what is happening day by day. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy my short rants.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday night at the Oscars!

So far, I have been entertained by the Oscars, I do like the new pairing they did of Anne Hathaway and James Franco.  They have good chemistry between them and the show has been very well done.  My favorite so far has to be Kirk Douglas giving out the award for Best Supporting Actress.  The man can still be so funny even with the stroke and he is just an awesome man!  We will lose someone special when God calls him home.

Being Sunday night, I need to plan out my week, so I asked the kids what they want to have for dinner this week.
This is what it will look like:
Monday - Breakfast for dinner
Tuesday - Spaghetti
Wednesday - Dinner at church so the kids get pizza and I have pot luck in my Grow Group.
Thursday - Chicken, probably oven fried
Friday - No plans as yet, I could not think this far ahead!!

We normally do not plan that far ahead and I don't keep things in the house to make.  With the weather getting warmer, I hate to cook too much in the house, gets way too hot.  So I have to plan more crock pot meals!  If anyone can suggest some for me, that would be awesome!!

Well that is all for now, I am too tired to think much more!!

Go with God!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great Saturday!!

What a great day I have had so far.  We did the Circus last night with the kids and had a wonderful time.  This was the first time either child has seen a real circus live, so it was just so cool to watch then enjoy and marvel at the tricks.  One loved the clowns and the other loved the motorcycles, you guess which.

Today I had to pick up some knitting needles for my dress that I am knitting for DD and in visiting the shop I got an offer to help them out from time to time with items to finish.  That will be a great little savings helper for me!!  Maybe I can pick up enough work to help pay for a trip to Disney!!  It will help me start savings for it at least!!  The more work I can get in knitting items or finishing, the quicker I can save for that trip.

DD and I are planning a great weekend in a few weeks when Daddy and DS go on a camping trip with the scouts.  Movie afternoon, painting toes, eating bad things like sundaes!!  Anyone with good ideas for this, just post a comment!!  I am also looking for new followers, I need people to keep me honest on this blog!!

Go with God!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday but no 3 day weekend

Well here it is a Friday and most of America will be out of school on Monday.  We here in Gwinnett GA will not be as we have to make up snow days from January.  So most of the world will be home on Monday, we will have school, and my kids are bummed!!  I tried to tell them, but now they understand that they have to make up those days.  I would have loved to have Monday off, the kids would have had a wonderful day to play at the park, have lunch out at the park, and just relax, but now they have to work!!  Oh well, I don't get any days off, so that is fair I think!!  :)

Well I am not feeling too well, my throat is on fire and I can feel the cold coming on!  So glad that weekend we really don't have anyplace to go, so I can relax tomorrow and hopefully kick this.  I have tons to knit, will probably get at least 2 projects finished tomorrow.  I have 1 more order past that, will get the yarn hopefully on Monday and get that one knocked out by next Friday.  I love having knitting work to do and getting paid for it, that just does not happen nearly often enough.  I am using the money I make to help me pay for yarn to make the shawls and baby blankets for my Prayer Shawl ministry at Sugarloaf UMC in Duluth, GA, someday I would love to be able to do enough knitting to start paying for things for my family.  Pipe dreams, but they are mine!!

Go with God!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knitting my life away!!

It is truly funny how life moves!!  Got some harsh news yesterday evening, not ready to share so don't ask, and it really rocked me to the core.  Not a good sleeping night, but one dream I did have was me knitting, relaxing and talking with God.  Yes, just sitting with him, and talking while I knit.  I knew when I woke up that God was trying to tell me something, he has got life planned, don't stress and you have to take it as it comes knowing he has it all planned out.  That is the hardest thing I can do.

The easiest thing I can do is to knit.  Now I know why I got 3 new orders last weekend and why 2 of them require me to retool a pattern to fit a need.  Keeps my mind and hands busy and you know the saying, "idle hands are the plaything of Satan!"  As long as I keep my mind occupied, I can't worry about things I have no control over, most of my life, and I will relax. 

I do love to knit, thankful God gave me that as my gift to give to other people.  I have been able to start a prayer shawl ministry at my church and be blessed by others and their talents.  I make things for my children that could never be bought and they know that I truly love them when I knit.  I am blessed in so many ways, I do thank God for giving me that dream last night, after that one, I was able to get some good sleep, just not enough.  I will be drinking coffee today just to keep up!!!

I hope you have a blessed day and that God touches your life and makes it just a little better today!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life is getting busy, must mean Spring is near!!

Well in the past 4 days I got 3 new knitting orders, talked to a friend about picking up work from her yarn shop, found out that I sold something in that same yarn shop, and got a great new book with kids knits. ( I have my daughter's Easter dress picked out, now I have to get the yarn to knit it with!!)  Had 2 birthday parties (one was my daughters) and then was Valentine's Day, which was busy at both schools!!  Can I take a nap please??  :)  I am busy making some additional golf club covers for a customer from Christmas and then I have to start on the next set of covers for the next customer.  I need to customize the size for some smaller clubs for this customer, so I will have to play with my pattern on this one.  I am thinking of writing a new pattern for smaller clubs, guess I need to find some local golfers to help me get the sizing correct on them.  Would it be weird for me to go into a store and start measuring clubs??  If so, then I am a weird person!!

This is going to be a short one today, I have lots to knit and need to get busy with that!  Spent way too much time this morning on the computer and never got to finish all I needed to today!  Will be back tomorrow to write some more on this!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday again!!

What a week this week.

It started off so sad for me, Leroy Toliver passed away and it really effected me deeply.  He and his wife were one of the first people to welcome me into the church 14 years ago, when we met in a middle school, and they kept up with me and always made me welcome now that we have a huge building getting bigger.  He was a great man, you felt his love for God and his fellow man just looking at him and he was just a force!!  I miss him and pray for his wife and family who I know will be sad for a long time to come.  Made me start thinking about my family and how both my parents and my in-laws are getting up in years and how I will need to prepare myself for their passing.  It made me start to really think about how do I prepare my children for this, death is part of life and nothing that should be covered over for children.  I was taught young about death and that my faith in God and Jesus means that I will be in heaven and will be with those I love again.  Death is a transition only.  My kids very immersed in church and our religion and we talk about death when it happens, I don't try to sweep it under the rug.

The funeral was on Tuesday morning, was very draining, but my kids got to see something awesome on Tuesday night, the African Children's Choir.  Those kids have had such a rough life, but this ministry really gives them a leg up and gets them an education so that they can get back to their people and help them rise above!!  What a difference from the morning! 

Wednesday was my daughters 5th birthday!!  When did that happen?? I still remember being in the hospital with her, coming out hand first and shaking hands with the midwife, the emergency c-section and not being able to meet her until 6:30 AM after she got out of the NICU!  She came a month early, 7lb 4oz and healthy as a horse!!  This is her personality also, she is just above and beyond, reading almost at her brothers level, and he is in 1st grade.  I pray for her Kindergarten teacher next year, she is a great kid, but gets bored easily if not challenged.

This Friday is rough, both Katie and I are dealing with chest colds, of course hers is not as bad as mine!!  At least this gives me a chance to work a lot on her dress, I am crocheting a pretty summer dress for her, and hopefully finish up a scarf that is kicking my butt.  Knitting with feathery yarn is SUPER difficult, I keep adding or dropping a stitch since it is so hard to see the yarn!!

As I close, I just want to ask anyone reading this to please pray for the people of Egypt, and pray that the peace is kept and that there is no bloodshed!!! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pinewood Derby!!

Today was Pinewood Derby day for my son Alex.  The reason we joined cub scouts way back (per Alex) but now he really enjoys all the things that we do there.  He and his dad had a ton of fun designing and creating his car.

His is the #9 slot, the black fire car!  He was so proud of his car, the first time we have done this, and he was all full of excitement to race.  He did pretty well, not at the very bottom and he got a medal, patch and the knowledge he made his car.  Dad of course did most of the painting and I helped by putting on the stickers with Alex.
His sister also had a car, I have to get a picture of it yet, and she had a ton of fun playing with her buddy and watching all the races.  She also had her leapster with her to entertain her, thanks to me running home before the whole thing started.

All the boys were able to start one race, if they were in the first lane they were race starter.  Even Katie got to start a race, she was so excited to do that!!  It is great that the pack includes the siblings, makes it easier to do this as a family!!

It was a great morning, just one thing marred it for me.  I found out a wonderful man from church passed away suddenly last night/early this morning.  He was a great man, wonderful father and grandfather and a loving husband.  Really hit me, he was one of the first people to welcome me into the church 14 years ago and he and his wife were always so kind to say hello to me, ask about my family and myself and just be so great to so many people and our church.  He is with God now, as one person said probably being the greeter into heaven!  I have been saddened all day and took some from my enjoyment of the day.

I dedicate this page to Leroy, a wonderful man who is living the high life with Jesus!!  I know there is a huge room there for him!!  God bless you!!!  I know you blessed my life!!