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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life is getting busy, must mean Spring is near!!

Well in the past 4 days I got 3 new knitting orders, talked to a friend about picking up work from her yarn shop, found out that I sold something in that same yarn shop, and got a great new book with kids knits. ( I have my daughter's Easter dress picked out, now I have to get the yarn to knit it with!!)  Had 2 birthday parties (one was my daughters) and then was Valentine's Day, which was busy at both schools!!  Can I take a nap please??  :)  I am busy making some additional golf club covers for a customer from Christmas and then I have to start on the next set of covers for the next customer.  I need to customize the size for some smaller clubs for this customer, so I will have to play with my pattern on this one.  I am thinking of writing a new pattern for smaller clubs, guess I need to find some local golfers to help me get the sizing correct on them.  Would it be weird for me to go into a store and start measuring clubs??  If so, then I am a weird person!!

This is going to be a short one today, I have lots to knit and need to get busy with that!  Spent way too much time this morning on the computer and never got to finish all I needed to today!  Will be back tomorrow to write some more on this!!

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