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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Great Saturday!!

What a great day I have had so far.  We did the Circus last night with the kids and had a wonderful time.  This was the first time either child has seen a real circus live, so it was just so cool to watch then enjoy and marvel at the tricks.  One loved the clowns and the other loved the motorcycles, you guess which.

Today I had to pick up some knitting needles for my dress that I am knitting for DD and in visiting the shop I got an offer to help them out from time to time with items to finish.  That will be a great little savings helper for me!!  Maybe I can pick up enough work to help pay for a trip to Disney!!  It will help me start savings for it at least!!  The more work I can get in knitting items or finishing, the quicker I can save for that trip.

DD and I are planning a great weekend in a few weeks when Daddy and DS go on a camping trip with the scouts.  Movie afternoon, painting toes, eating bad things like sundaes!!  Anyone with good ideas for this, just post a comment!!  I am also looking for new followers, I need people to keep me honest on this blog!!

Go with God!!

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