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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pinewood Derby!!

Today was Pinewood Derby day for my son Alex.  The reason we joined cub scouts way back (per Alex) but now he really enjoys all the things that we do there.  He and his dad had a ton of fun designing and creating his car.

His is the #9 slot, the black fire car!  He was so proud of his car, the first time we have done this, and he was all full of excitement to race.  He did pretty well, not at the very bottom and he got a medal, patch and the knowledge he made his car.  Dad of course did most of the painting and I helped by putting on the stickers with Alex.
His sister also had a car, I have to get a picture of it yet, and she had a ton of fun playing with her buddy and watching all the races.  She also had her leapster with her to entertain her, thanks to me running home before the whole thing started.

All the boys were able to start one race, if they were in the first lane they were race starter.  Even Katie got to start a race, she was so excited to do that!!  It is great that the pack includes the siblings, makes it easier to do this as a family!!

It was a great morning, just one thing marred it for me.  I found out a wonderful man from church passed away suddenly last night/early this morning.  He was a great man, wonderful father and grandfather and a loving husband.  Really hit me, he was one of the first people to welcome me into the church 14 years ago and he and his wife were always so kind to say hello to me, ask about my family and myself and just be so great to so many people and our church.  He is with God now, as one person said probably being the greeter into heaven!  I have been saddened all day and took some from my enjoyment of the day.

I dedicate this page to Leroy, a wonderful man who is living the high life with Jesus!!  I know there is a huge room there for him!!  God bless you!!!  I know you blessed my life!!

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