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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday again!!

What a week this week.

It started off so sad for me, Leroy Toliver passed away and it really effected me deeply.  He and his wife were one of the first people to welcome me into the church 14 years ago, when we met in a middle school, and they kept up with me and always made me welcome now that we have a huge building getting bigger.  He was a great man, you felt his love for God and his fellow man just looking at him and he was just a force!!  I miss him and pray for his wife and family who I know will be sad for a long time to come.  Made me start thinking about my family and how both my parents and my in-laws are getting up in years and how I will need to prepare myself for their passing.  It made me start to really think about how do I prepare my children for this, death is part of life and nothing that should be covered over for children.  I was taught young about death and that my faith in God and Jesus means that I will be in heaven and will be with those I love again.  Death is a transition only.  My kids very immersed in church and our religion and we talk about death when it happens, I don't try to sweep it under the rug.

The funeral was on Tuesday morning, was very draining, but my kids got to see something awesome on Tuesday night, the African Children's Choir.  Those kids have had such a rough life, but this ministry really gives them a leg up and gets them an education so that they can get back to their people and help them rise above!!  What a difference from the morning! 

Wednesday was my daughters 5th birthday!!  When did that happen?? I still remember being in the hospital with her, coming out hand first and shaking hands with the midwife, the emergency c-section and not being able to meet her until 6:30 AM after she got out of the NICU!  She came a month early, 7lb 4oz and healthy as a horse!!  This is her personality also, she is just above and beyond, reading almost at her brothers level, and he is in 1st grade.  I pray for her Kindergarten teacher next year, she is a great kid, but gets bored easily if not challenged.

This Friday is rough, both Katie and I are dealing with chest colds, of course hers is not as bad as mine!!  At least this gives me a chance to work a lot on her dress, I am crocheting a pretty summer dress for her, and hopefully finish up a scarf that is kicking my butt.  Knitting with feathery yarn is SUPER difficult, I keep adding or dropping a stitch since it is so hard to see the yarn!!

As I close, I just want to ask anyone reading this to please pray for the people of Egypt, and pray that the peace is kept and that there is no bloodshed!!! 

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