My thoughts about life, family and knitting. I am a knitter of over 30 years, just starting to spread my wings on designing my own items. I knit for fun, for my prayer shawl ministry at Sugarloaf UMC, and for my sanity. This blog will chronical my life and what is happening day by day. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy my short rants.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapture part 2

Funny, was not thinking about the Rapture much until this pastor gave us a date.  Made me think, am I ready??  No, not really, but then that is why God has not given us the day or time that it will happen.  We cannot presume to know his mind or plan, so how can we "calculate" the date that it will happen.  Now to cover his butt, the pastor is now saying that we will be hit with a fireball on October 21st.  Is he kidding??  That so many people were going crazy about this is more comical and sad.  That they will put so much into this, selling everything, canceling things in their lives, how sad.

I will be knitting and crocheting and taking care of my family when the time comes, I have a feeling.  I might be on the computer, typing out this blog and in mid sentence

Gotcha ya!!  Anyway, I hope this is just a little sanity in an insane world!!  Will post my baby cardigan tomorrow or Thursday, it is 6 rows from finish!!  Then sewing and making it look nice!!

Go with God!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday in HotLanta!!

Wow, it is so hot!!  We hit 92 in Atlanta and my thermometer in Suwanee said 94.  Had to be out today, we had church this morning, was great to be with my preschool kids and then teaching an adult class.  But it was hot this morning, and just before sunset, it was hot.  I knew being in the south would be hot, but this is killer!! 

My son moved up in cub scouts today, became a wolf!!  He is growing like a weed and the more I think about it, I miss my baby boy!  I am so proud of the boy that he is becoming, he is really starting to blossom.  I still worry that he follows too many kids, I keep telling him that he needs to be more of a leader.  I know that will come in time, and the scouts are helping him alot.   I am just a worry wort. 

Been knitting so fast that my hands are hurting.  I am 3/4 of the way done on the sleeves, then it is sewing it up and then knitting the button bands.  School ends on Friday, so I have a huge deadline!!  I have also gotten 3 new knitting orders, just finalizing price and item needed, so this is big for me!!  Seems I am getting popular on my work, and I thank God for blessing me with it. 

I have to say, the whole Rapture thing that went on this weekend just fascinated me.  Heard about looting parties and other silly things that would have happened if it actually happened.  I hope that my faith would have had me going to God in that first round, would miss my children too much, but then, I really don't know.  Have been thinking and talking a lot with God about it, so hopefully I would have made it.  We shall see when it does happen if I am alive for it.

Well, I am wore out from my Sunday!!  I normally get a nice quiet afternoon of knitting and napping in, but today we had so much going on!!  One last week of school for my son, we find out Friday who his new teacher will be, and then the figuring out what to do each day starts.  Have some ideas, but if it is hot, we won't be going out as much, my asthma is aggravated by the heat and smog and last summer we were trapped way too much!!

Hope this week is fun and relaxing!!  Will write more soon!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wacky Wednesday!!

Well my day started well enough, got up at 6:30 and watched the news, relaxing with my 7 year old snuggling with me.  Having 1 more week of school, my schedule will be changing, but I am looking forward to being able to snuggle more!!  Also will give me more blocks of time to knit, there will be swim team practice, playtime at the park and fountain while they run around, and some more time on the weekends hopefully.  I have a couple of projects that I would love to start plus my prayer shawl ministry projects. 

Racing at this moment to finish up a baby cardigan for my son's teacher, working on a sample for a friends yarn shop, and starting to think about the prayer squares I need to make for my prayer shawl ministry.  I still need to send out an email to the group to alert them to start making the squares so that we can have the 100 or so needed for July!!  Anyone who wants to help us make these items or prayer shawls, just email me with prayer shawl in the subject and I will get back with you. 

Life is good right now.  My 5 year old daughter decided to have a fit at preschool just now because she did not say goodbye to a friend.  She screamed that she did not open her car door and just was so broken that in my rage I finally saw through that she needed a nap!!  Funny how I have been able to stop myself now and take control so that I can take control of the situation.  Before I would have just blown up and we both would need a time out, but somehow I am able to muster myself to be calm and deal.  Did a bible study about just this thing, "scream-free parenting" and it really has made a huge difference in my life.  My DD is happily sleeping right now while I type, I get to watch Days of our Lives and relax.  Need a snack and a BIG mug of tea and then I think back to knitting.  Maybe some Wizzards 101 later with my son and grilled chicken, veggies and rice for dinner.  I even have some Free Rita's Ice coupons, so maybe we can do that for dessert since we will not be going to swim team tonight.

Signing off for now!!  Hope you continue to follow me and if you have any creative ideas about what I should write about, just let me know!!

Go with God!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to work Monday

Well, after being so not motivated to write, I am getting the feeling back!!  Miserable Monday here in Suwanee, overcast, cold (55 degrees in May is so not normal, more like 75) and I am not feeling 100%  I have had a lot on my mind lately, lots of changes going on in my life.  My youngest has her last week of preschool and she is already wanting to go to Kindergarten.  As I will be happy to have the extra hours alone, I will be sad as my kids are growing up.  I do miss the younger years, hard as they were, but that season of my life is over.  Now I have to figure out what to do with my life.  That is not as easy as it seems.  I still want to be home when the kids get home, and I guess I could start doing a lot more at their school.  I will have more time to knit and crochet and make more things for my prayer shawl ministry at church.  But not having a child home to teach and grow, I am letting the schools take that over for most of the day.  I worry about bullies, about the morals that they will see and hopefully pick up the good ones and not have "bad" friends. 

Well this mom will be getting so much more involved with the schools now that I will have the time.  I hope that maybe a part time job around my kids schedule to bring in some extra cash to do some fun things, like a trip to Disney.  I will just keep praying and letting God show me the way!!

Go with God!!