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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapture part 2

Funny, was not thinking about the Rapture much until this pastor gave us a date.  Made me think, am I ready??  No, not really, but then that is why God has not given us the day or time that it will happen.  We cannot presume to know his mind or plan, so how can we "calculate" the date that it will happen.  Now to cover his butt, the pastor is now saying that we will be hit with a fireball on October 21st.  Is he kidding??  That so many people were going crazy about this is more comical and sad.  That they will put so much into this, selling everything, canceling things in their lives, how sad.

I will be knitting and crocheting and taking care of my family when the time comes, I have a feeling.  I might be on the computer, typing out this blog and in mid sentence

Gotcha ya!!  Anyway, I hope this is just a little sanity in an insane world!!  Will post my baby cardigan tomorrow or Thursday, it is 6 rows from finish!!  Then sewing and making it look nice!!

Go with God!!

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