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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday in HotLanta!!

Wow, it is so hot!!  We hit 92 in Atlanta and my thermometer in Suwanee said 94.  Had to be out today, we had church this morning, was great to be with my preschool kids and then teaching an adult class.  But it was hot this morning, and just before sunset, it was hot.  I knew being in the south would be hot, but this is killer!! 

My son moved up in cub scouts today, became a wolf!!  He is growing like a weed and the more I think about it, I miss my baby boy!  I am so proud of the boy that he is becoming, he is really starting to blossom.  I still worry that he follows too many kids, I keep telling him that he needs to be more of a leader.  I know that will come in time, and the scouts are helping him alot.   I am just a worry wort. 

Been knitting so fast that my hands are hurting.  I am 3/4 of the way done on the sleeves, then it is sewing it up and then knitting the button bands.  School ends on Friday, so I have a huge deadline!!  I have also gotten 3 new knitting orders, just finalizing price and item needed, so this is big for me!!  Seems I am getting popular on my work, and I thank God for blessing me with it. 

I have to say, the whole Rapture thing that went on this weekend just fascinated me.  Heard about looting parties and other silly things that would have happened if it actually happened.  I hope that my faith would have had me going to God in that first round, would miss my children too much, but then, I really don't know.  Have been thinking and talking a lot with God about it, so hopefully I would have made it.  We shall see when it does happen if I am alive for it.

Well, I am wore out from my Sunday!!  I normally get a nice quiet afternoon of knitting and napping in, but today we had so much going on!!  One last week of school for my son, we find out Friday who his new teacher will be, and then the figuring out what to do each day starts.  Have some ideas, but if it is hot, we won't be going out as much, my asthma is aggravated by the heat and smog and last summer we were trapped way too much!!

Hope this week is fun and relaxing!!  Will write more soon!!

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