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Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank God it is Friday!!

Well I woke up yesterday and boy did I feel lousy!!  Dizzy, stomach ache, just plain yuck!!  My loving Hubby said he would work from home (he was not feeling 100% and this was just the excuse to tell his boss) and so I was out of taking care of the kids and could just rest in my body all day.  Boy did I need it!  Had no idea that the surgery would be so tiring in the 3rd week!!  The only good thing that came of this surgery besides pain relief is that my belly is now about 3 inches smaller and I am 5 pounds lighter, but still have 50 to go.  I am going to start walking again on Monday, so if you read this keep me honest and make sure that I keep on walking every day but Sundays.  I need 1 day off!!  In any case, when I woke up today, I felt so much better, now I am tired because I went to my Mom's bible study and had to mail out a hat/glove set that someone paid for so now I am resting the rest of today in bed!  Probably will get in nap as I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open right now!!  :)

Going to be a short blog today, just going to do some knitting on a scarf that I have to finish up, just a little more to do, and to knit up another pair of gloves!!  Have to get my prescription filled this weekend, hopefully I qualify for the first month free, and then I will be getting it for 5 bucks a month for the next year!!  Time to sign off as my soap is on, Days of our Lives!!!  Loving what is happening now!!

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