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Thursday, January 6, 2011

12th day of Christmas

Well today is Jan 6th, the 12th day of Christmas and the day that the 3 Wise men made it to see the Christ Child.  Normally in our house we take down Christmas today and put it away until next Thanksgiving weekend.  With me being bed bound and not able to lift of bend, I can't get it put away and it will have to wait until the weekend.  I am not happy with that, but I have to live with it as I really don't have a choice about it.  I have tried to bend over and empty the dishwasher, and that was a REALLY BAD IDEA!!  Went to bed last night and then took some pain relief and promptly passed out.  So, I have to look at Christmas decorations for a few more days.   I am not thrilled by it, right now I am done with Christmas and have to start planning a birthday party for my daughter!  She will be 5 and it is a big deal for her.  So I will have a nice distraction and as long as I am not down in the middle of all the decorations, it does not bother me as much.

Well today I am tired and I have a good book, Knit Two by Kate Jacobs, to finish reading and then I have 3 audio books that I downloaded yesterday from the library. I also need to finish the scarf that I was knitting and then think about a sweater for my daughter, she has given me some ideas about colors and then I have to find the right pattern for that.  I will have to do some searching today and hopefully find one that she will approve of!!!

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