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Friday, January 14, 2011


Well the sun is out, they say it will be above 40 today, so the deep freeze is letting up.  Eric my husband said that the roads are passable, took him an hour and a half to get to work (normal 45min) and he says alot of the roads are still ice covered.  Don't care!!!  I so need to get out of this house, between the surgery recovery and the forced indoors of the storm this week, I am getting stir crazy!!  I can only knit for so long before my hands hurt, I can only surf the web so much, watch so much TV or read.  I need to see more then my messy house!!  I need to get out just to breath fresh air!!!

On my road to self discovery, I have been reading the new book by Suzanne Somers, Sexy at 40.  What she has in there makes a lot of sense, especially about all the toxins that we put in and on our bodies.  I knew a little about organic food, but the meat issues astound me!!  I have told my husband that we are going to buy certain food now only organic and we will start shopping more in Whole Foods.  I even started using my cast iron skillets, boy made some scrambled eggs this morning and they did not stick at all, who knew!!  I have started to read other things online about eating less toxic, it is amazing.  Hopefully in the next few days I will be starting my Leslie Sansone DVD walking again, too cold to do it outside yet, and while the kids are away, I will be doing my Fly Lady stuff again as I can.  I still am not able to lift anything heavy for at least another 2 weeks.  I have a doctor appointment next week to go over all my heart and blood tests and see where we go from here.  I wish I did not have a Kindle version of the Sexy at 40 book, my doctor is very much into doing things outside the box, I know she would enjoy reading this one.  Maybe a late Christmas present to her!!!

Anyway, off to take my shower and get dressed.  I might actually put on jeans today, my belly is not too sore and it has stopped being so bloated.  Now it is just FAT!!!!  Who am I kidding, I am fat and I have to get my body clean and healthy if I want to be around to see grandchildren!!  I hope today brings you all that you want, and that you learn 1 new thing today, no matter what it is!!

Go with God, who ever your think your God is!!!

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