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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Fun after the Storm

Well if you have had no power or phone and have not heard, we got some snow here in GA!!  Kids are excited that they have a 2nd day off of school, possible 3rd if this snow is not gone from the roads.  Hubby has been home, working from home at least and has a cold, so better for him.  I have been up in bed resting, did a bit too much over the weekend and that is why I am missing some days here, but I also have been forced to do my first knitting design, a pair of gloves for my son Alex.  He is 7 and I could not find anything in the stores that he liked and yesterday we tried a pair of mittens that looked like they would fit, but he ended up taking them off and getting really cold hands and would not go back out.  Hence my need to get him gloves.  Well after searching for almost 2 hours on the net for a pattern someone else created, I found a pattern that looked interesting but for large needles/thick yarn for adults and I took that and made it as a test.  Well when he tried it on, would not fit, so I punted and thought, this should not be too hard, I have made mittens in the past and fingerless gloves, so just had to use my knowledge and came up with a pattern.  I will post it seperately for those that would need to have it for thier own use.  In any case, it was a productive day, just have to finish typing up the pattern and then post it and send it in for listing at some sites.  I will then take some pictures and then make a few more in different colors and with some cool things for kids so I can post it on my etsy site ( for sale, hopefully I will be posting more and more items there for sale and I can start making this a year round business instead of just one at Christmas time. 

Feeling so much better, I learned from some friends at ( an online site for women who have a hysterectomy planned or recovering from one.  Has been a godsend to me as I was so clueless and it was a place to talk to others about all the ugly things that happen after the surgery that you would not like to talk about in public.  Lets just say potty talk and leave it to your imagination.  In any case, I have learned alot about the healing after this kind of surgery that even the doctors I don't think realize, even female ones.  Met some really nice people there and hope to stay around there and help others through this.

Well I am off to finish up the gloves and type up the pattern.  Pray this helps get me out there more and more people will hire me to knit things, I would love to really get my gift to help my family get ahead financially!!  2011 holds a lot of promise, God gave me this talent, hopefully he will bless it to help us prosper and bless others!!

Stay Safe and God bless you and yours!!

Go with God!!

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