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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreary Tuesday in Atlanta

What a dreary day!!  Perfect to have the TV for background noise and to make some projects that I have to get done for my church.  I need to have at least 23 bookmarks, those are crocheted and go really quick, I cam make maybe 6-8 and hour, so that will be done by tonight, unless I take a nap which is a big thing today!  I then have a hat and gloves to make for a grandson of a high school friend.  Facebook is awesome, to keep in touch with all of those we went to school with, some for the entire k-12 school years.  I then need to get to work on prayer squares, which are basically 4x4 inch squares that the first graders at church will use during their prayer seminar on Sunday mornings in February.  We normally make larger ones, 8x8 inch ones for the mission trips that go out during the summer mostly, about 300 plus per year.  I am blessed to have a group of ladies at the church that are so great at making these items plus baby blankets for the newborns in the church and shawls and lap blankets for those in the hospital/sick that are visited by our care team at church.

The bookmarks are easy, they are about 4-5 inches long, depends on the yarn and crochet hook, and are just a simple thing given to the people in our starting point class.  That is a class for people who would like to join the church, they learn more about the Methodist religon, our church and how it all works at the church. 

I have a cool pattern for a prayer square that has a cross in the center.  I actually have to get the pattern from one of my members as my old computer is scrapped and a lot of those old patterns are gone.  So I am waiting on an email from one person that I remember has the pattern.  Otherwise, I have to re-write the pattern.  Either way it is fine!!

Well have to log off to go and do some crocheting, I want these book marks out of my to-do list.

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