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Monday, January 17, 2011

The week starts again

Today is MLK Jr. Birthday remembrance day, no school for the kids or my hubby.  Pretty quiet day, Alex got to play at a friends, Eric and Katie worked on putting away the Christmas decorations.  I spent my last day resting and thinking again.  Over the weekend a radio producer here in GA, Royal Marshall, passed away from what was said today from a heart attack.  He was only 2 years younger then me, with 2 small children, just a few years younger then myself.  I also talked to my mom today, she has been very sick, she did not sound good and I could hear in her voice that she is giving up.  I am thinking that 2011 is really going to be a bad year for me and the whole family, but I have to believe that God has a plan and if this is the year that I lose my mom, it will hurt and I know I won't like it, but I trust in God and that I will see her again.  I also pray that I am really wrong about this.

All of this mortality and my reading the book from Suzanne Somers, Sexy Forever and her revelations about all the toxins in this world and what they do to our bodies, is making me look very hard at what I am eating and drinking and putting on my skin.  I have read other books on the subject, and hers really puts all the information in one place.  I do recommend reading it.  The library carries it and it is a great read.  Makes me think what I have been doing to my body and that of my family with all the processed foods we have been eating.  We need to change and I plan on starting that tomorrow!   I will be talking more about that, keep me honest and ask me about it when you see me or leave me notes here.  If you want to join me on this journey, that would be great also.

I have started on some bookmarks for the new Starting Point class at church on Sunday.  I also will be starting on some prayer squares for the 1st graders at church.  They will be starting a prayer seminar teaching them how to pray during February.  What a great thing, one of the reasons I love this church!!  In any case, since we make the squares for the adults as a way of having a little piece of the church with them to help ground them, I am praying that the kids will be touched the same and that they really take to the prayer.  I know that when I pray with Katie and Alex, it is a special time for us.  Katie is now making up her own prayer song for dinner blessing, she is turning into a little opera singer, don't know if there is talent, but I am not stopping her!!  It is such a blessing to me to see these little people just blossom into their own selves, I just wonder on where they are heading and I want to be there for the whole ride!!

Well it is getting late and the pain pill is kicking in, so I need to sign off.  I will be walking some tomorrow and going for allergy shots.  I also will be having my heart checkup on Wednesday morning and talk with my doctor about a lot of things.  I hope I can get her to read Sexy Forever book so that she might head down that road.  She has been really proactive with my health care, which is one reason why I like her so much.

Go with God!!

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