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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday is tiring!!

Wow, I am finally finished with my last golf club order from Feb, this was a 4 piece one so it took a little longer.  I am also working on my daughter's Easter Dress, I am almost at the waist, then to the top should move quickly.  I think have to make the front of the dress and sew it all together.  If you hear some screaming, that would be me trying to make the sewing of the pieces look decent!!  I do love the knitting, but the finishing is a bear, but that is also the beauty of it, getting the pieces together and looking good.  When I am done with the back, I will post it.

I am also working on some Easter Bunny Baskets,  these are for the teachers of my kids.  They are too cute and are easy to whip out, so I just have to make sure I have enough White Yarn and Easter Ribbon.  This is a way for me to change my hand movements so that I don't cramp up!!  These are crocheted items, so hands move so differently!!

I have been asked to knit a sample for my local yarn shop, pretty cool as it is a self design from the owner, my friend Kay, and that she trusts my knitting is a great compliment to me.  I really want to get into some designing, I can see things for my kids in my mind, but to translate it, that is the gift I do not have, so I have to learn.  There must be some books or online class that I can take, I will have to start looking for that.

This is a short blog today, I am very tired, have been dealing with migraines with the horrible weather GA has been having these past few days, so I am not doing much but trying to keep up with the kids and laundry!!  We have spring break next week, no plans as my hubby is on Jury duty or he is working, he did not take time off, so we are stuck home.  Now to find things to do.

Go with God!!!

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