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Friday, March 25, 2011

What a weekend we are going to have!!

What a week, and the weekend to come!!  The pollen has been horrible, so my asthma has been horrible!!  So looking forward to the rain coming tomorrow, it will make it better for a few days, just have to have it all bloom quickly so that this all leaves us sooner!!

My weekend is going to be interesting.  For the first time, our church is NOT having church on Sunday as normal.  We are not even having it at church, if you show up at the building, we will not be there!!  Instead, starting tonight, we have 1500 people packing food to go overseas!  We wanted to raise enough money to buy the supplies for 100K meals, and we got enough to do 300K, but we have to pack it all.  For more info on who this ministry is, here is the link.  CLICK HERE

So Saturday afternoon from 1-3, my kids, my husband and myself will be with another larger group packing.  We have shifts starting Friday night and a number of them Saturday and Sunday AM.  1500 people spread out over those 3 days.  What an incredible undertaking.  We are also bringing food to resupply the Gwinnett Food Co-op in Buford and we are also raising money for some ministries we support at our church, so it is a multi-faceted weekend for us.  We are reaching overseas and right here in GA.  How cool is that!!

Sunday at 2PM we are having church at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, if you are around please come!!  This is going to be a really cool and interesting service, we always have great ones and this is going to be a celebration of all we have accomplished this coming weekend.  I am volunteered to help out at the volunteer check in from 10:30 to 2, so if you are coming, I will be there for you, stop by!!  If you come to church on Sunday, remember your chair or you will stand for the service!!

Well, I need to get ready for bed, I am bushed and can't breathe well, so that makes for a bad sleeping night, but I think God will get me through!!

Go with God!!!!

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