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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

Erin Go Braugh y'all!!

  I started this week after my birthday with a bad chest cold, will be coughing for weeks!!  I did not  hardly get anything knitted, but last night I was asked to knit 3 clover items for 3 men who were just deployed.  The group that they have here use shamrocks for a symbol and I was asked by a member if I could knit something.  I found 2 really cool items,  I square with a shamrock on it and a small shamrock that could be worn.  I have made the square last night and I will make the small wearable one this weekend.  I have some pins that can be attached to it, so it should be interesting.  I will bring it back to my grow group on Wednesday and we shall see what is the better choice.  I can of course make both. 
I am still working on my last order of golf club covers, here is a look at the first one made.  I thought the purple was bright, but the customer loved it, so I am still knitting!!  I need more orders, I really need to my knitting promoted and possibly get some knitting lessons going, I think if I charge 10 dollars an hour for lessons, that would be fair.  I have heard others charge 20 an hour, since I would either come to them or they could come to me, that price would not be too bad until gas really gets bad.  I would then have to charge more.  I really need to get a second stream of money coming in with more regularity, I am praying that God has a plan for me to earn money without having to get a job.  I still want to be home and be able to be there for the kids when they need me.

Well I have lots to knit and the day is wasting away!!!  If you are reading this, please follow me and get others to follow me also, I really need to start getting my Etsy store rocking and I want to be so busy that I cannot go online except to update the blog.  I think instead of writing every day, I will update on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Also the days I need to start walking, actually need to do it everyday!!  But that is for another post!!

Go with God!!

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