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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a week and it is only Tuesday!!

Last night at church, Sugarloaf UMC, we had the first annual SUM Awards.  These awards were designed to highlight each ministry area and the top volunteer in that area.  I won for the congregational care ministry for my Prayer shawl ministry.

 I won the Golden Needles Award and when the name of the award was announced, I heard a couple of gasps as I am well known for knitting at church functions when ever I can.  If I had planned things out better, I would have been caught knitting in my seat and brought it with me.  The entire night was tongue-in-cheek, but there was a serious side.  The other people that were given awards also work very hard in the church for no real recognition, I know we all do it because we do love what we do.  And that I am humbled to have gotten this award for doing something I love to do, knit and help people.  I have been feeling that I have been slipping in my ministry and in my faith, since my mom passed.  I have been missing something, a hole in my soul, and last night, I really felt the love from all those at church.  I have never really felt part of anything and here at this church, it is truly a family. 

I will be making a new shawl pattern from this book that I was given, I will post as I start making it.  I have some special yarn that I have been waiting to use to make this.  Not sure who I want to give this shawl to, but I know that God will put that person in my life and show me that they need the shawl and the love.

I hope that today is a blessed day for all those that read this blog and that if you like it, please share it and get it out there.  I will be writing again soon!

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